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Thread: updating

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    I'm not updating for awhile till microsoft finds another way of doing it. I'm not enabling automatic updates.
    Don't use xp for going on web anyways, so no big rush.

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    You don't need automatic updating. You can get the stand alone package at the link I provided previously.

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    Thanks, Trickster

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    [quote author=diavolo link=board=25;threadid=9713;start=0#msg88243 date=1093377555]
    I usually stick to the general rule not to accept ANY MS updates till they have been out for at least 6 months.

    i'm not defending microsoft's updates, but not installing them until they've been out for 6 months is most likely a much less secure approach than installing them right away.

    but anyway, if you really wanna keep windows secure, just run it behind a firewall (not just a software firewall, but another machine or a hardware firewall), use Firefox instead of IE, use thunderbird instead of Outlook or Outlook Express, get antivir (it's free and very good) and get a software firewall too in case a windows box on your network gets infected. if you still have security problems after following this approach, you must have fucked up yourself.

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    Yep, I downloaded the stand along file when it first came out. Over 200mb. I haven't installed it yet because I haven't been in windows since I downloaded it.

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