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Thread: Broadband?

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    wondering how LJR shows up in comparison.

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    Broadband defined by who's standards - my old ISP called >256KBit broadband, more official sources say >2MBit is officially broadband.

    Either way I'm on shared symmetrical 100MBit, I should qualify.

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    My standard is more or less "not dial-up"

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    My standard is atleast like twice the speed of dialup

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    I have Comcast Cable at home.

    I haven't had a dial-up for more than 5 years ( probably more ) so I just can't live without it. It's mainly because I tend to download large files ( free programs and data files although I'm not that much into downloading music ). If my main purpose is just to surf the Net, then I found dial-up connections in US to be of superior quality and acceptable. When I'm visiting my in-laws, I usually use their connection to check LJR and it loads up fairly quickly ( although of course not as fast as at home ).

    When I was in Asia a few months back, I used the Net and log into LJR from there at times. The connections were so poor that I hardly get anything done. I went to complain them that their connections are not working, the girl came over, check it out and look at me like I'm an alien. She said "you have to wait a little bit, it's loading" and I was like "WTF, it rarely move". hehehehe ........

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    Yeah, in one year I went from 28.8 to DSL. Total mindfuck.

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    Wireless broadband.

    It's not great but I can't complain. Can't argue with free internet I still get from my former employer

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    im on a 2mbit line, though test results show 3mbit too. the highest download speed i get is about 350kbps

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    Broadband for the last 4 years. Gone through 3-4 providers, and changing again next month as i move.

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