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Thread: Encarta type Encyclopedia for linux

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    What kind of stuff are you posting??

    PM Me if I can be of assistance.

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    Kids game builder

    I will try to use this to build educational kids games for our encarta like appt.
    The Cog Engine Project is a software suite aimed at enabling children to create their own video games without requiring any programming experience. Users can create adventure games using photos they take, or drawings they make.

    A simple application that streams webcam images from the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam.
    Trying to find the src so i can mod it to work with everything below or build my own.
    Live Panda
    Polar Bear
    Live Penguin
    Looking into the sun
    Mexico City's Volcano
    Amazon River Fish Cam
    Backyard Cam
    Black Footed Ferret Cam
    Construction Cam
    Elephant Cams
    Ferret Cam
    Flamingo Cam
    Gharial Cam
    Giraffe Cam
    Gorilla Cam
    Micronesian kingfisher Cam
    MicroTheatre Cam
    Naked Mole-Rat Cam
    Octopus Cam
    Panda Cams
    Think Tank Cam
    Tiger Cams
    Streaming Insect Cam
    All kinds of cams

    Dam there is alot of good stuff online if we keep this up someone is going to be pissed that an opensource appt better than there own was built.

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    The music is free to download and listen to and use in your opensource projects as long as you do not charge for it.
    Just select the kinda music you like from the home page and when you find something you would like to download just click on license and select educational licenses and you can download the music for free and use it in your os projects

    GCompris is an educational game which propose different activities to kids from 2 to 10

    Some activities are game oriented, but always educational. You will find some activities in the following topics:
    # computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, different mouse gesture, ...

    # algebra: table memory, enumeration, double entry table, mirror image, ...

    # science: the canal lock, the water cycle, the submarine, ...

    # geography: place the country on the map

    # games: chess, memory, ...

    # reading: reading practice

    # other: learn to tell time, puzzle of famous paintings, vector drawing, ...

    All in all, gcompris proposes more than 50 activities and it continues to evolves. gcompris is a free software, you have the possibility to adapt it to your needs or to improve it, and, why not, to share your work with the kids of all the world.
    Wenn Sie Spaß meines Englisch mich Willensfuckingtötung Sie bilden.

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    hmmm... my question about what exactly you were implementing was exactly that "what is an MS Encarta llike app?". I read MS Encarta as just Encarta... I have to assume MS Encarta is different then the encyclopedias... maybe an "online" (ie... computer) version?

    That cogengine link looks quite interesting, similar in nature to my current project, although mine will require programming... and isn't for web games.

    Sorry for giving you shit about flash... i just had to

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