my box is starting to act kinda flakey... so i figured i should buy a new one. but this time, i'm gonna go for a laptop instead of a desktop.

so this is what i ordered:

dell inspiron 9100
PIV 3 Ghz (hyperthreading), 1MB L2 Cache, 800Mzh FSB, 15.4 widescreen WSXGA+ TFT screen (resolution: 1680*1050), 1gig of RAM (400 Mhz), ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 and 100 GB Ultra ATA/100 HD (only 4200rpms though... it didn't let me select a faster one, but since it's got a gig of ram, it's hardly gonna be swapping anyway so i guess the HD will be okay), and a 24xCDRW/8x DVD combo drive plus some other standard stuff

it was pretty expensive though (2700) but i thought "oh what the hell"

btw, i know it's a pretty heavy laptop (about 4kg) but i won't be carrying it around with me a lot, so i don't mind