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Thread: Linux Kernel Security Patches

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    Linux Kernel Security Patches

    I spent the past 45-60 min. searching for good security patches (for my server), so i decided that I could post so that in the future, it might help others out as well.

    Please List some Kernel Security Patches that you use(d):

    Here are the ones that I know: (It has been released for 2.4.27 & 2.6.7) (These is a list of some good kernel security patches) (General Linux Kernel Security Site)

    This is a How-To on how to patch the Kernel with your patches.

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    Re:Linux Kernel Security Patches

    For anyone interested on what PaX does:

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    Re:Linux Kernel Security Patches

    I dig the mascot.

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    Re:Linux Kernel Security Patches

    The eyes need blood red pinpoint pupils. The purple triangles look like the queer guy had an eye for him.

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