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Thread: /etc/resolve.conf gone

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    /etc/resolve.conf gone

    Hey, when i turn on my comptuer suse loads till it gets to bringing up the network interface and it freezes there > > it also says "Warning: /etc/resolv.conf not found" WTF!?!?!?!?!?! even in failsafe its the same thing!!

    WTF would make /etc/resolv.conf go bye bye ??? all I did was turn it off, I look around already but not for too long since i have to go do some errands :-\


    BTW I cannot loose any data that is on the HDD so I have to get this working or else my GF is gonna kill me :'(

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Well, I'd say boot up a Live CD, preferably Knoppix or Gentoo, then just chroot into your environment, then create a /etc/resolv.conf and add what you need to add. Then try rebooting ?

    /etc/resolv.conf should contain a similar format:

    nameserver <foo>

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Just pass the init 1 argument when booting up. Whis should bring the machine in single user mode. Then recreate it.

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Yeah, single user mode or 2 which is multiuser without networking. That should do it and you can re-create your resolv.conf.

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Well I re-wrote the resolv.conf file but it still doesnt work > but atleast it now knows there is a resolv.conf file now but it still want to freeze in the same fuckin spot. Could there be another problem i'm not aware of??? cause it got an ip (used dhcpcd) when i used init 1. I think i'm gonna have to download knoppix and try to move 6gigs of files > >

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Does it freeze with the same message?

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone


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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    Is the file still there?

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    yup ;D

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    Re:/etc/resolve.conf gone

    ok I just hit another wall the compuer I was hoping to put the files on is not working > :'(

    are there anything else I can try? because I CANNOT loose these files. I looked over how much space I need (approx 1gig) and the only computer I have left has a 1.5gig HDD and only 200mb left on it :-[

    I think this is nolonger a resolv.conf file, because it seems like dhcpcd is not startig up, I looked around but i'm not too sure where to enable it, i'm sure I entered the file but failed to notice it.

    UPDATE: Well I decided to get creative and d/l the live cd of suse and use the resolv.conf file and copyed it to the HDD and now I get that fuckin /etc/resolv.conf file not found

    Michael > > >

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