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    Just thought I'd tell you people who are looking for a good system monitor displaying text only.. It's called torsmo and is located at

    I've been looking all over the net for a good system monitor, and not one with images and stuff. This one puts itself on the background, and simply displays text. It's very easy to make your own monitor, too.

    Here's a screenshot of mine, running on OpenBox (started using it instead of fluxbox today, loving it! AND YES! I LIKE PURPLE!):

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    Re: Torsmo

    Quote Originally Posted by postlogic";p="5730
    Broken link?

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    Fixed. For some reason I consequently typed trosmo, not torsmo. sorry.

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    This is for local machines? (IE: not like a network server monitor or anything?)

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    Yes, it is. Although I think it should be possible to make some kind of a pipe to display network information other than your local load.

    I just use it as a gdesklets/gkrellms replacement, which is too resource-heavy and pointless for my part. This is simply pure text.

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    Yea, but gdesklets is nice.

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    Oh yes. It's extremely pretty. And it has a lot of nice monitors/displays. But it's so pretty intense. And it's a bit of a hassle to set up. This simply just worked. But using Torsmo was just a suggestion. I bet there are more people out there than me who's wondered which app it was that generated text monitoring on misc screenshots.

    Gah, bad english.

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    Thanks for the link postlogic. I have been looking for a nice monitoring app that doesn't require Qt or GTK, and isn't gkrellm.
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