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Thread: Can't boot into Slack 10

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    Can't boot into Slack 10

    Well, I may have solved my printer problems. I was dual booting with both XP and Slack 10, but now Slack won't boot. I couldn't get my hp 5550 printer which is connected to a USB port so I thought that maybe my Canon 4100 which connects to a paralell port would work. Maybe Slack would have an easier time recognizing it. Well, I logged out and rebooted and got all sorts of error message flying by and then it stopped at the BIO data check for several minutes and then I finally got the prompt with a bunch more error messages showing. Now it won't boot into Linux (I'm trying to recall the error message I got, but can't right now). Anyway, since I am having so much trouble with this and I can't boot into iit anyway, maybe I should uninstall Slack 10 and reinstall, but I can't find in their manual how to uninstall. I know I have to do something with the MBR since I installed LILO there, but I am not sure what else. I guess if I got the MBR clean I could just format the partitions and get rid of the system that way. I have 3 drives installed on the machine and I have XP on one and Linux on another and just storage on the third. I could probably boot from the rescue floppy, but I don't see the point at this point. What do you think? ops:

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    I would put the slackware install cd in your drive, and boot that. Except you can use it to boot the install you already have on the machine.

    I'll have to see if I can remember what the string is to do that...

    but once you're up in your slack install, as root, rerun lilo and reboot to see if that helped.

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