- went to watch I-robot today
- slowly drive in front of mcdicks parking lot section of metrotown
- parked by the curb of the doors to the mall is a pre-J-body (boxy styling) Cavalier, White colour, 312 FKX
- slutty teen bitch pokes her dumb-ass-blonde head out the window and SPITS!
- i JUST happened to be driving slowly by that cavalier and the bitch spits on my car!!! ---> then says "OH SHIT!" very loudly

- yes it's an accident, but FUCK WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO SPIT SLUT!

- i park the car, i am pissed as SHIT, hoping there is no spit on my car, if there is, i dunnow hat i'd do
- i get out, great her spit is starting to dry in the fucking 30 degree heat (correct me on today's centagrade, thanks)

- i end up getting wads of tissue, wipe her fucking spit up
- walk to RIGHT up to her (she had 1 brown guy driving the cavalier, parked, 1 more brown guy beside her, 1 more sissy teen sluts showing off their airportlanding strips)
- i say "HEY THIS BELONG TO YOU" ---> throws tissue of spit at her
- slut says "THIS ISN'T MINE"
- i say "YOU SPAT AT MY CAR"
- slut says "NO I DIDN'T"
- slut says "NO I DIDN'T, NO I DIDN'T"
- gf says "SHUT UP YOU 10 YEAR OLD SLUT"

what's the funny part? HAHAHA her fucking brown guys are just standing there DOING JACK SHIT...

- we walk inside the mall, then i'm STILL PISSED of course (reason being it seems like the spit on the tissue didn't "touch her" when i threw it at her, DAMN IT!
- i walk back out, gf reminds me to take down their licence plate 312 FKX and i stare RIGHT at the cavalier and driver and the slut FOUR FUCKING TIMES before going back inside the mall
- but i'm still not done, wanting to go back out give that slut more shit... perhaps her guy friends want to protect her slut ass... i'm ready to take them both, my gf can hold her own against 2 slim slutty skank teens
- once i walked out they drove off.

sissy sluts - pussy guys


ok i'm done venting