I'm undecided on whether I should upgrade to this DLink 108Mbps G router or this Linksys Linux based router but only 54 Mbps. DLink is also cheaper ( currently Fry's is selling DLink for 49.99 and Linksys for 69.99 .

Which one you guys have and what are advantages and disadvantages? If you were me, what would you choose and why?


[Edited] Well, just wanted to add, I will also need 2 PCI wireless cards and two wireless cardbuses. DLinks are cheaper but I'm not so sure about Linux support for them. I know Prism based are supported but there is no way I can tell by looking at the box. I will need to see the card itself and so I'm trying to save an extra trip to the store where you will have to stand in line for 20 minutes just to return stuff.[/edited]