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Thread: Free at last

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    Free at last

    Dumped my windows at home, run SUSE 9.1 Pro.
    Finally a happy camper with linux on laptop ;D

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    Re:Free at last


    Congrats and welcome to the club of Windowsless computers. ;D

    I'm thinking of picking up a cheapo Toshiba Tecra P II 350 MHz laptop myself and run Linux on it.

    I've used Tecra (at my former company as desktop) and they were great. I heard IBM Thinkpads are great for Linux too. :-\

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    Re:Free at last

    congrats ;D it's nice to be free isnt it ;D

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    Re:Free at last

    Yeah I have an old IBM Thinkpad 233mhz with Debian Sid installed on it and it runs great.

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