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Thread: Great Psychobilly Band

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    Great Psychobilly Band

    I saw them not to long ago with Tiger Army, The Buisness and The Disasters. They were the opener but they really impressed me. Check them out.

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    What's psychobilly?

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    Billy Idol?

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    [quote author=trickster link=board=17;threadid=9639;start=0#msg87658 date=1091836767]
    What's psychobilly?

    It's Rockabilly and punk melded together with a monster movie twist. The more popular ones at the moment are the Horror Pops, Nekromantix, and Tiger Army.

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    What's Rockabilly?

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=17;threadid=9639;start=0#msg87734 date=1092007922]
    What's Rockabilly?
    In a nutshell it's mid 50's rock popularized by Sun Records.

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    I feel shameful.

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    Re:Great Psychobilly Band

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=17;threadid=9639;start=0#msg87755 date=1092078192]
    I feel shameful.

    But now you know! ;D

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