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Thread: mp3 streamer

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    mp3 streamer

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a good mp3 streamer that will run as either a daemon or in console mode and will use mp3's off of a local hard disk. I looked at shoutcast, but it looks like I need an x program running to stream to the shoutcast server, or something like that. I also looked at, but it kept giving me errors.

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    nm, I found this

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    Does this help?

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    Thanks ;D

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=2;threadid=9633;start=0#msg87619 date=1091719965]
    nm, I found this

    Cool, thanks!

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    results, chessforce?

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=2;threadid=9633;start=0#msg88751 date=1094797313]
    results, chessforce?

    I gave it a try. At first, I was impressed by the interface. However, what bothered me was that the directory with music files could be browsed by anyone. Therefore, it would not matter if you can login or not to access the music. Also, the admin cannot set restrictions due to this. Thank you for asking me to review. I was originally going to make a post, but I forgot about it later on.

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    I just password locked index.php.

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=2;threadid=9633;start=0#msg88763 date=1094880622]
    I just password locked index.php.

    Do you mean just the index.php or the entire directory?

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    Re:mp3 streamer

    Just the index, but where the mp3's are is not even linked to htdocs, or rather htdocs to it.

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