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Thread: some simple YUM questions

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    some simple YUM questions

    I've got some good how-to as to how to set up YUM repositories on FC-2.
    What I plan to do is to update 20 Linux boxes - all run RH9 from the YUM repositories on FC2. What they say in the how-to is that I should poulate the repository form the FC distro CDs...that would work if I have to update FC boxes only but I need to update RHat boxes that won't be using FC2 rpms but need their own ones......
    Let's consider the scaenario where I have YUM repository running on FC and then I have 5 RH9, 10 SUSE, and 5 RH7.3 boxes. Does that mean I have to have 3 different repositories configured for each OS?

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    Re:some simple YUM questions

    You dont need to, but I would. Seriously, unless you can test well that the rpm will indeed work well on all platforms, it would be ideal to setup vmware or something to allow you to have RH7.3, RH9, and SuSE 9.1 installs so you can compile or test the rpms on it and not sacrifice the entire lan on a bad rpm rollout. Generally, RPMs will be cross platform, but some RPMs I built for one RH release didnt always roll into the next so well. The rule of thumb was it was pretty safe to go in the same major release (7.x, 6.x, etc).

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    Re:some simple YUM questions

    A'right, then I will make them separate....makes lots od sense to me as well.

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