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Thread: Intel processor microcode

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    Intel processor microcode

    I was having a look at the kernel options today, and saw the option to access the CPU microcode on intel CPU's. After having a little more of a look around, and discovering there is the ability to update this microcode, I was wondering if anyone has actually done it.
    I downloaded the utility from here then installed it and updated. I cant tell any difference, and I actually dont know what changes it made.
    I was just wondering if anyone could more enlighten me as to exactly where I could find out the changes made to the microcode.
    I know what the microcode is, and that I will be updating the CPU's onboard instructions, but exactly what changes it is making is what I'd really like to know.

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    Re:Intel processor microcode

    Nevermind, I just re-read the site, and saw this question in the FAQ
    Q. is there a changelog for the microcode?
    A. No, if Intel change their minds and release it we'll post it here.
    So obviously I'll never be able to find out exactly what's been changed, but I figure if Intel have released an update, it cant be a bad thing to use it.

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    Re:Intel processor microcode

    Well I guess so. It might be just bug fixes for their CPU instructions. I know there were a few FPU bugs and Linux always installed some work arounds and stuff when I used RH 6.2 and some later. But lately I haven't seen that happening so they are getting pretty good at updating them, I guess.

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