Linspire Linux Shootout

If you are new to linux, and havent really had a chance to either install or choose -- well, here is a nice place to start. Linspire offers a nice package of Red Hat Fedora Core, Mandrake, and of course Linspire. It can be purchased (39.95 for the boxset) or downloaded (29.99, for the cost of Linspire).

Lindows is nice, as is Fedora. I cant comment too much on Mandrake, since the 9.x series and the 10.0 release hates my system. I have replaced knoppix with LindowsLive 4.5 and OneBase Go. I have truly useful cd (Lindows/Linspire) for work and leisure without any hassle, and a GREAT tool for troubleshooting (OneBase Go).

This is my reccommendation. PM me if there is a similar jumpstart such as this. Until I remove this comment, could some of you do me a favor -- I only own the LindowsLive 4.5 disc. I dont have (yet) the live SuSE disc. What I need is a comparison on the two. That may be added if it works quite well.