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Thread: Dial-up gnome software

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    Dial-up gnome software

    Hi guys and gals,

    Finally I will move out. I can't believe it. It just really hit me and I am a little nervouse. First time moving out on my own. Not anything fancy but just a little cheap quite apartment. I will be very tight. I will do most internet use via my phone. My parent's dsl comes with like 10 hours of dial-up so I am going to use that. I will dial out with my cell phone.

    Anyways, anyone know of a good possible gnome applet that will work for dialing up that will tally up the time spent on the net?

    P.S. Don't mind if you guys start a "Get gmoreno broadband/dial-up fund".

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    Re:Dial-up gnome software

    well i used wvdial on redhat - else there is a standard dialer.

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