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Thread: SuSEfirewall and Squid

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    SuSEfirewall and Squid

    I have a test environment set up. I have a Squid server running with a client using the proxy successfully. The server and the client are connected to the same router and are on the same network. This router is also my DSL modem and how I connect to the Internet.

    Router (Default route on Server)

    I have configured the SuSEfirewall as per instructions but it will not allow the packets through the firewall.

    As this is a test environment, both my FW_DEV_EXT and FW_DEV_INT are set to eth1. Can anyone tell me if this is the reason why the firewall will not allow packets through. Please help this is driving me mad.

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    Dear boarde,

    FYI, this might help you.

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