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Thread: permission errors

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    permission errors

    Hi guys,
    I'm really not sure what my problem is, so I'll give you all the symptoms.
    First, when I boot up and type startx, I get this error: xauth: time out in locking authority file /home/doron/.Xauthority. This happens four times, then I get the nvidia logo, then it's back to the command line with the same error again.
    When I first installed gentoo, I could only run gui's as root (fluxbox), so I figured I'd copy all of the hidden folders from /root to /home, and I could then run fluxbox. Now that I downloaded gnome, nothing works.
    I logged into fluxbox again, and when I tried to start firefox I got this error:
    (Gecko:18171): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Unable to create ~/.gnome directory: Permission denied
    Could not create per-user gnome configuration directory `/home/doron/.gnome2/': Permission denied
    I get permission errors all the time, which is why I downloaded gnome cause I figured I'm not smart enough to run fluxbox yet, but it seems I messed something up during the install process.

    So basically, I think as a user, I don't have enough priveliges to create folders and such, so how do I give myself the necessary priveliges (too lazy to go through a thesaurus).

    Sorry for rambling btw.


    btw, I'm running Gentoo

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    Re:permission errors

    as root try chown -R user /home/user - i am guessing the directory is own by root.

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    Re:permission errors

    also remember to make it owned by the group users (it doesn't matter too much, but hey)
    chown -R user:users /home/user

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