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Thread: New Linux Based Phone

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    New Linux Based Phone

    Looks like a pretty kool phone to have.

    This quad-band GSM smartphone sports a unique flip design with external keypad. Key features include EDGE high-speed data, large QVGA touchscreen, Linux OS, megapixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth, Java 2.0, MP3 player, TransFlash card slot, and wireless email & calendar sync.

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    Re:New Linux Based Phone

    mot is coming out with a bunch of linux based phones. all of them them will be pretty sweet.

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    Re:New Linux Based Phone

    I got to play with it at the expo. ;D

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    Re:New Linux Based Phone

    was mot there? nice. I get to 'play' with them alot. but replace the word 'play' with the word 'work.

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    Re:New Linux Based Phone


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    Re:New Linux Based Phone

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