I've done a little bit of googling for this, but can't seem to find the either the answer or the correct question to ask so that I can get the right answer. So, I will do so here (please excuse me if the question is stupid...I'm tired, confused, and a little bit torqued right now).

I have a cable modem connection to the internet. I am running a stock Slackware 10 setup. I have eth0 connected to the cable modem. Everything runs fine for me when I run as root. Now, how do I give one of my non-priveleged user accounts access to the internet? Is it a permissions problem with eth0 or something else entirely? If it is a permissions issue, what should I type to set permissions for my stryder144 account to access the internet? I don't want to run as root (for obvious reasons), but find it more appealing than rebooting constantly to WinXP. Any help that y'all can give me would be greatly appreciated.