Here's my situation.
The house computer ran Win98se. I wanted to upgrade as I know support for Win98 is slowly dwindling. So, I took out the win98 drive and put it aside. I then installed a brand new drive and installed Win2K on it, with no problem. Now, I put the old drive back in, and rebooted. No matter where I put the drive; slave on the Primary, or slave on the secondary, it boots first - hence booting into Win98.

What I want is to boot Win2K (which is the master on the Primary IDE) and just be able to access files from the old Win98 disk.

I've googled for Win2K and two hard drives, but the results that come back refer to dual-booting. And I really don't want that, I just want to be able to read off the second hard drive.

Any thoughts? Did I miss something? BIOS? (Though I poked around, and it looked correct.) I must have missed something somewhere, because logically this seems easy.