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Thread: Screen gometry

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    Screen gometry

    SUSE 9.1 Pro.
    When I log into X it gives me error message 'Your monitor didn't report ots X- and Y-size. This can cause display problems and unreadable fonts'
    Actually everything is displayed correctly, but the message pops up every time I log in, it's annoying a bit. It looks like I can set X and Y size manually through the YAST but I have no idea which values to specify there...please advise.
    (Running Compqa EVO 1200 laptop)

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    Re:Screen gometry

    The manual should have it.

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    Re:Screen gometry

    LIke EVO manual?
    Can I set it to arbitrary values just to get rid of the message?

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    Re:Screen gometry

    I'd say test it. Arbitrarty values don't tend to be good...see if there is a menu, or try to get the evo manual.

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    Re:Screen gometry

    Thanks. (Lots :-) for reply to my other postings as well)

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