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Thread: LFS software management

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    LFS software management

    I haven't been able to find "ftrace". Freshmeat no longer has this. And no luck with my google searches.


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    Re:LFS software management

    Think that's what you're looking for, you may also want to try 'installwatch'.

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    Re:LFS software management

    How do I do it so that make install does this:
    ftrace -i /var/install/programname-version make install

    Feztas pet is gone.


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    Re:LFS software management

    you're better of asking this question on the LFS mailinglists

    anyway, i searched the LFS hints site for a couple of seconds and came up with this: Paco, installpac - Package management for LFS

    there are probably more package management related hints on their hints site but i don't know which one will be the best... that is something you should ask the LFS users

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    Re:LFS software management

    Yeah I think I will look for a more up to date HOWTO.

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    Re:LFS software management

    That's why sometimes it's nice to base a LFS system on another distro (slack?), and at least use the packaging system.

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