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    Um - how do I use it? fredora core 2...

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    Either setting up on your e-mail client or on the e-mail server through procmail. I can tell you have I have procmail setup if you wish.

    For once I can try to stab at one of your questions.

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    Thanks Gmoreno
    i need procmail.. humms.

    I am using dovecot and get my mail from POP3 running on my own PC, my wife also uses my PC as a mail server.

    1. fetchmail gets the mail.
    2. It is stored in /var/mail until it is retrieved.
    3. I use a POP3 client (thunderbird) to retrieve the mail. dovecot is the POP3 server app.

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    What you would want to do is put this in your home directory. I set this up a while ago but I believe that it *might* only work if mail arrives in your user's mailbox. Not sure if fetchmailing it would triger it or not.

    | spamassassin -P
    * ^X-Spam-Flag: YES


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