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    Suse Sources

    Good morning:

    I have added some sources to Yast and if everything work out. When I wake up I should have gnome. But to install gaim its asking me for some libs. What sources am I needing for Yast to supply my dependencies?


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    Re:Suse Sources

    try adding this:

    but please use a local mirror

    i think that should find every dependency you need to install the Suse packages

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    Re:Suse Sources

    Ok thanks. I got it working. Now what's the best way to install gnome on this mofo?

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    Re:Suse Sources

    just select the gnome packages in the package installer

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    Re:Suse Sources

    Ok thanks man. I think I have done that. Let me give it a spin. I just don't think It will select all the dependencies to all the gnome packages I have seen. Thanks for the help so far.

    Man I am in a bit of RPM hell. I cant get any other broser than Konquerer :-\ to work. Haven't been able to get my e-mail.

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    Re:Suse Sources

    Ok my actually problem is that I have the library but its having some difficulty.

    gmoreno@dhcppc2:~> gkrellm
    gkrellm: error while loading shared libraries: /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined symbol: g_type_class_add_private

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    Re:Suse Sources

    weird... i just installed the gkrellm rpm to try this and gkrellm runs without problems

    are you sure you only installed packages that were made specifically for Suse 9.1 ?

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    Re:Suse Sources

    Check this link:

    This person is having the same error as you, though with synaptic. It seems he had a package compiled with different libraries.
    The link says how to check it.

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    Re:Suse Sources

    I've added some suse sources and installed gkrellm through yast and I've been getting this issues. I will try to uninstall gtk and pango and reinstall them and see if that works.

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