man, i predicted a gnome fork a couple of months ago, but i figured it would be because of Novell wanting to use Mono in it and RedHat refusing to do it and thus, both companies deciding to go their own ways

i still think that fork will happen as well, but apparantly one long time member of the Gnome foundation has already created a fork of the project because he dislikes many of the recent choices that have been made within the Gnome community (and rightfully so IMNSHO)

more information can be found here

my favourite quotes:

The people that I met and whom I was able to read and talk with, pointed out how much they dislike changes such as Buttonordering, GConf (Windows Registry), Spatial Nautilus, things like general inconsistencies, no real progress, speed issues, huge dependencies, instant apply without reverting to default, scrollkeeper and many more.
there you have it... no real progress, speed issues and huge dependencies. i've been saying this for a while now but i'm so glad to FINALLY hear this from a Gnome developer for once

Even if I do see that plenty of things that got changed in GNOME does indeed make sense but some other decisions have upset quite a lot of people including me and there was no possibility to bring these problems up on the GNOME Mailinglists or the IRC channel without getting yourself trapped into ugly discussions and slandering.
apparently many of the changes that are made in gnome can't even be discussed properly amongst the developers? how can you expect to achieve the best possible result if you can't even discuss the possibilities?

The intention is to create a community of people, who are willing and interested to help fixing these issues and make the vision of a usable Desktop in the means of good old Unix fashion become true. No fancy technology, no overhelming bloat and no dumbifying of peoples talent and skills using a computer.
i just threw this one in because it's along the same lines as my "gnome developers don't want you to think" rant

From all the complaints users made, there seem that the majority of people hate the Spatial Nautilus and would like to have their good old Nautilus back in a navigational fashion and not by middle clicking or using some icon to launch it.
Even the idea of having custom places such as Music, Pictures, Documents and that people shouldn't have to know the filesystem or browse deeper than three paths is far too dumb to even comment.
this one just brings a smile to my face

Worth of conversation is also getting a KHTML port so we can finally have a native Web browser rather than using Mozilla or Firefox. Sure these browser do compile against GTK+ and whoever wants to use it should still continue using it but truly ever thought how XUL will fit into GNOME ? It has an own interface an own styling guide an own whatever. It's sad to see people compiling Mozilla or Firefox and then Galeon or Epiphany on top of it to get an illusion that they use something that truly fits into the Desktop.
not sure if i agree with him on the porting of KHTML, but he does make a good point about the browser situation on gnome. I myself used Epiphany during that shamefull period where my brain ceased to function for almost a year (ie: the time i actually used and liked Gnome 2.x). I can't understand why both Epiphany and Galeon need an existing Mozilla/Firefox installation before it works... can't the Gecko rendering engine be abstracted from it in such a way that Galeon and Epiphany would only require that in case Mozilla/Firefox isn't installed? This has BAD CODE DESIGN written all over it.

Removing unnecessary things such as esound. It is there for years and I doubt anyone is really using it.
Alan Cox once said: "I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."

Surely, a man as smart as Alan Cox knows what he's talking about. Yet the Gnome Developers have never seen ESD as the bad piece of software that it really is.