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Thread: samba and ms patents

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    samba and ms patents

    i heard some fuss that MS readies assult on samba by creating a patent for Netbios/CIFS technology (or whatever they use) and then using this a s a leverage to sue samba users. How feasible is this one?

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    Re:samba and ms patents

    [quote author=elovkoff link=board=13;threadid=9538;start=0#msg86850 date=1090267805]
    How feasible is this one?

    when it comes to patents and the US legal system, everything is possible :-\

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    Re:samba and ms patents

    So true, I hope they don't it's entirely pointless. It doesn't help them one bit...

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    Re:samba and ms patents

    A lot of people don't seem to appreciate that they are riding on M$'s creation by using samba.

    I hope that won't happen. I mean we can really be stuck with that. I went to a OSS meeting where guys from SAMBA was talking about what in Samba 4.0 and stuff. Very imformative and also discussed what M$ can do to samba . He admits that it will be very hurting to samba team but most likely or not, samba also benefit M$ by people widely adopting it. I mean Windows need some ways to talk to other computers on the network ( despite the fact that M$ only wants Windows boxes on ANY network ). The reality of all network environments is that almost all are homogenerous networks. If a Windows network admin needs some tools to make use of old Unix boxes, then M$ need to provide them with tools. Instead of creating it by themself, they can ride it off Samba. Due to that, M$ had taken no action so far although that might change at any time whenever Bill decided it's of his disadvantage.

    So we shall see. I dont' worry too much though. IT people have other solutions even if they cut off Samba. It's just that we have one more tool at our disposal so we are using it. If we have no choice, we will find a way to deal with it.

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    Re:samba and ms patents

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