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Thread: Linux Quick Reference Guide

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    Linux Quick Reference Guide

    Season's Greetings from the Novell Customer Communities. In our continuing efforts to provide you with tools and resources to
    help you succeed in your career with Novell Linux, we present the Linux Quick Reference Guide.

    Available for free download, this valuable resource will provide you with a quick reference for:

    - Linux commands, their usage, and their DOS/Windows equivalents
    - Configuration file and directory locations, and descriptions
    - Information regarding boot managers and the boot process
    - Commands and procedures for mounting local and network filesystems
    - X Windows specific keystrokes
    - Common console usage information (i.e. syntax, operands, etc.)

    To receive your free Linux Quick Reference Guide, simply visit the link below and you will be directed to the download page.
    You will be asked to authenticate your membership by entering the e-mail address at which you received this invitation.

    Download the Linux Quick Reference Guide today!


    Novell Customer Communities

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    Re: Linux Quick Reference Guide


    Now, which email do we put in as the referrer?

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