29 Dec 2004 by SeanParsons
The Linux Box is preparing to create an original internet radio show, which will air biweekly and provide the FOSS community with an audio format to help raise awareness of the many pertinent issues we are facing.

Like many , I have found a tremendous absence in our community with The Linux Show's demise. While I don't claim to be greater than those that preceded me, I do feel that there is a lot to be gained by providing the community with an additional media outlet. I hope to work very closely with the diverse members of our community to provide a quality service.

The initial pilot episode will:

Air January 11, 2005 at 9 p.m. EST - yes, that is the same airtime as what TLS tried to target.
Have an approximate run time of 30 minutes
Be prerecorded to allow for editing
Be made available in ogg-vorbis format - this should allow all distros equal access to the stream.
Be broken into segments:

The news in review - recent headlines from the past two weeks will be recapped.

Community focus - each episode will highlight the activities of a specific LUG.
Spotlight project - each episode will focus on a specific project that is enabling the open source community with freedom.
If you would like to contribute to The Linux Box Show in anyway please contact me at sean 'at' thelinuxbox.org. Also, you may use the Forum, or the comment link below to discuss this further. I am looking for the following types of contributions:

Nominations for the aforementioned segments
Suggestions for additional segments
Volunteers to record and submit their own segments
Volunteers to help with PR for the show
Volunteers to help run the forum
Technical assistance from those that have broadcasting experience

Money would be nice (but is not a key priority)

Peace, Love and.......Compile the Kernel

Sean Parsons