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Thread: wine question

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    wine question

    I've got wine-20040615-1 running on Suse Linux Desktop
    When I try to install something through wine it tells me that application I'm installing is designed for win2000 and my environment is 98 or ME.
    Pretty new to wine.....I think it should emulate XP/2000 as well?

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    Re:wine question

    Make sure you have something like this in your ~/.wine/config file:

    "Windows" = "win2k"
    If you don't already have the ~/.wine/config file, create it and also add these lines to the beginning of the file:
    WINE REGISTRY Version 2
    ;; All keys relative to \\Machine

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    Re:wine question

    If you don't have a ~./wine/config file, try using `winesetuptk`. It's a graphical tool for setting up wine... select 98 in there and then edit the ~/.wine/config and make appropriate changes to emulate win2k rather than win98.

    Good Luck!

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    Re:wine question

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.l

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