I'm running SUSE Linux Desktop (we received it with other bunch of CDs we recive from novell, it looks pretty cool but I cannot figure out what is the actual SUSE version.....KDE is 3.1.1 so it should be good). Anyway Novel SUSE looks really cool and it comes built-in with Crossover Office).
OK, I'll stop ravishing....here is the problem I have:
I click on the Local Network Icon and I can see all the hosts on the network in Konqueror but when I try to browse to one of the PCs it gives me error about LISA daemon not running (it is running, checked that) - it usually happens when the browse field displays lan://<computer> in the browser field. When I sunstitue it with smb://<computername> it works fine.
can anyone explain this please?
To the best of my understanding it should work like this: You open the Konquerro and it show all hosts, when you click on th host it should actually drill down and show folder named SBM, you click on that and they you are prompted for the credentials, then you should see tha actual files. In my case it never goes top the stage where it shows SMB folder but displays LISA error message about the daemon.
Any ideas please?