The issue of setting swappiness to 0 on 2.6 kernel machines (thus turning swap "off" essentially) keeps coming up, both on linuxfoo and elsehwhere. I quickly became the poster child of running at 0 after doing so noticeably increased my machine's responsiveness...or so I thought.

It seems some process sets it back to 60 (the default) with every reboot. I don't leave my computer running all the time, so it gets rebooted every day at least once.

Thus, we're looking at a question and an observation at this point:

Q: Does anyone know what is setting swappiness back to 60? dmesg doesn't have anything pertaining to swappiness that I can see, but *something's* doing it!

O: The power of positive thinking....this whole time my machine has been running with the normal swappiness and I could have SWORN it was faster. Psycho-somatic reactions are not to be trifled with, my friends.