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Thread: Free USB Thumb Drive

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    How did you guys get a code? Did you get one in the mail or did you sign up for one? If you did that, did you notice the off site URL it takes you to?

    I went to the basic URL and it looks to be an advertising agency. However, they have a list of clients, and dell is not on there. :-\ I am reluctant to try it. However I am moving in a couple of weeks so WHO CARES, right?

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    I just realized that if I'm moving then I probably shouldn't be playing any games where the winnings will be mailed to me :-\ CRAP

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    How you guys get that code?

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    There was an option to register. Is not there anymore.

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    [quote author=trickster link=board=3;threadid=9492;start=0#msg86444 date=1089720823]
    There was an option to register. Is not there anymore.
    Ok that would have been the url listed above. Ok thanks. Anyone else besides Dell want to give me a USB drive?

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    Well I guess i'm not getting this. Been over two months and haven't received it yet. :-[

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    Due to the overwhelming response to the Dell Services Game which was limited to the first 200 players we no longer have Dell Services memory sticks. Thank you for visiting Dell and your interest in our service offerings.

    I'm always too late for this kind of stuff > >

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    Re:Free USB Thumb Drive

    Oh yeah...I was looking foward to it...


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