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Thread: DVD+/-RW Drive

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    DVD+/-RW Drive

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    Re:DVD+/-RW Drive

    it should
    Interface: ATAPI / E-IDE

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    Re:DVD+/-RW Drive

    Well I remember that when I bought my current cdrw only certain drives were supported. Are those days gone?

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    Re:DVD+/-RW Drive

    i heard that if it is MMC compliant then it works with linux, and according to this:

    Q. Does it work with my DVD burner?
    A. If your unit is MMC complaint, then the answer is "most likely it just does." Well, as the probability of your unit being non-MMC complaint is virtually zero, the answer in practice is unconditionally "most likely." The [core] tools were reported to work with a wide range of drives, including [but not limited to] HP dvd[1234]00i, Ricoh MP512x, Philips DVDRW[248]xx, SONY DRU-[15]x0, NEC ND-[12]x00, TDK indiDVD 4x0N, Plextor PX-[57]0x, Benq DW[48]00A, OptoRite DD020x, Lite-On LDW-[48]x1S, as well as nonplus units such as Pioneer DVR-x0[4567], LG GxA-40[248]0, Toshiba SD-R[56]112, Panasonic UJ-811 and LF-D[35]1x...
    it should me MMC compliant

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