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Thread: My (&10dedfish's) birthday

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    My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Thursday (july 8th) is mine and 10ded's birthday. Proclaim a holiday throughout the land everyone!!! Seriously, I just got my present in the mail from 10ded. I must say anything that comes in a thinkgeek box is good to begin with. Anyway, He got me the 31337 work shirt. I love it. My wife was a little confused by it, but then, shes not a geek.

    I proclaim much honor to 10ded. My present rocks! 3 smilies!!
    ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    happy birthday...

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    as lovechild would say, age++

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    [quote author=burntash link=board=14;threadid=9455;start=0#msg85743 date=1088865207]
    as lovechild would say, age++


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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Happy Birthday y'all!

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Happy birthday!

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Happiness and stuff

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Happy Birthday guys...

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Happy Birthday!

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    Re:My (&10dedfish's) birthday

    Thanks All. This is the last big one, we turn 30 this year. God I feel old, but then again, I still feel like I shouldnt be 30, kinda like I still should be a teen/early 20ish kinda thingy....Which is probably a sign of being old.

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