Ever since I've been a kid I've always known I want to get a high level of education, but as it would seem fate didn't intent for this to happen - so the last few months I have been thinking about what I could do with my life to attain some control over my place in the universe.

I still haven't figured out what I'm suppose to do with what I was given, and I doubt I ever really will.

This much is clear though, I've decided much to my personal agony that I will never have kids, since Tourette's is genetic, I would, even if my offspring didn't get active Tourette's, pass the genes on to future generations of my family. I completely refuse to pass this thing on to my children, I will not inflict this on an innocent child, out of a selfish need to get a family.
In the same breath, I will probably not be allowed to adobt, since this requires me to be able to support the child, as I will most likely live off or rely heavily upon support myself, and the simple fact that such things as Tourette's count against me in the total score, the chances of my application to be rejected are fairly high.
So of the list of things I wanted from life, I guess we can strike family - I am left with no other choice... Stryder.. you have five.. share already.

As for working, I'm none responsive to medication, so that means, that without the arrival of some wonder drug, I won't be working, at least not under standard terms of a 9-5 job, and thus far job testing doesn't show good results - it looks like early retirement for me.
So being beneficial to society gets chalked off the list as well.

No worries, I pretty much did all the crying I needed to over these realisations already, I know there's nothing more I can do to change them than to aknowledge their affect on my life.

So, no family, no education, no J O B... what's left to do, get highest ever postcount on Linuxjunior.... again?

I'm taking suggestions.