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Thread: Reliving my youth..

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    Reliving my youth..

    I'm sitting here, at ~3am, unable to sleep and on the table I find my gf's mp3 player, since I've never actaully seen this thing in action I decide to turn it on, I hope she won't mind me playing with her toys.

    It turns out she has ripped all her old complation cds, and while most of the music is complete crap, I have been listening to all the shit that was popular back when I was in school. Lots of oldschool dance music and electronica, it's like I'm back in grade school again.. a strange feeling, reliving my childhood abuse, somehow I'm surprised I'm not more scared, kids can be really mean... and outsiders and oddballs like me really got it stuck good by them..
    Whenever I meet someone from back then they always expect that we were friends back in the day, I'm thinking shit no.. you made my life hell, and I'm just supposed to forgive you now? - I hope that doesn't make me a moralistic biggot, I should really be more forgiving in this regard, especially since most of them have turned out to be decent humanbeings after all.

    Anyways, it's funny how music seems linked to most of my happy memories, and the rather sad ones as well.

    I think it's mainly because music has always been an vent, or a kind a twisted way of escaping what was going on in my life, that I have so many memories connected to it.
    What surprises me though was that this was a 158 song playlist and I knew most of the lyrics and/or beats, they just came to me, I'm amazed at the human brains capacity to store information - I didn't even know I could do this kind of thing..

    Wow, I've now been typing this reply for over 40 mins, reliving beatings and verbal abuse takes it's time, but now it's time to warp back to the present, no sense in living some 10 years in the past for very long at the time, even though life seemed to make sense back then.

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    I know what you mean, man. Music was a major escape from the emotional abuse I received at home and at school. Books, too. I guess music and books let me go to places where I could be the hero, the lover, the accepted one.

    Bittersweet the irony of how music sheltered me from the nasty things that went on in my life yet brings those memories flooding back as well. Odd.


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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    Haha, I remember being a video game junkie and listening to music non stop back when I was younger. Though when I look back at all the crap I listened to (mostly rap), I wish someone would have turned me onto something better.

    I can almost remember every levels I played whenever I hear a song and vice versa. Escapism sucks, but when you're young you don't know much better.

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    The smell of tequilla has the same effect. I just smell it and it takes me back to some VERY good times. ;D

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    Jack Daniels does the same, except the memories it invokes are not altogether pleasant. Like the time I stipped to my skinnies and rolled in 6 inches of snow in front of my inlaws on a bet. Come to think about it, that was about the time I decided to quit drinking. ;D

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    On one of my psychology classes (can't remember which one) they talked about a theory regarding memory; it stated that you don't really ever forget anything. You just need the correct kind of stimuli to be able to retrieve it. Smells and sounds seem to be strong keys to unlocking some memories that are not readily available.

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    Man, the more I hear of people's childhoods the more and more I realize I grew up in the Cleaver household, which by the way is in the minority now a days. I had such a good childhood, no abuse... I got picked on cuz I was the fat kid in school but that was about it. As far as music goes I feel left out. It was never a big thing in our family. I started to get into music when I was in Junior High/High School (don't remember which it was anymore) but nothing like most people it seems.

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    Re:Reliving my youth..

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=17;threadid=9436;start=0#msg85569 date=1088571476]
    The smell of tequilla has the same effect. I just smell it and it takes me back to some VERY good times. ;D
    Wow, you can remember said times?

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