it fucking ROCKS

the installer is very nice... very polished and easy to use.
once installed, everything looks great and runs great... Yast is amazingly professional

the manuals are also very good... the user guide is primarily aimed at newbies which is a good thing. i could give my suse dvd plus the user guide to anyone and they'd be able to install and use it. the adminstrator guide is excellent as well and is aimed at the more advanced user and contains a lot of interesting information.

of course, once i use this for a few days i'll probably find some stuff that i won't like and i'll post about it here... but at first sight, this distro is definitely fantastic but whatever possible downsides i'll encounter, this distro already gets 2 thumbs up from me

btw, my box seemed to contain an extra copy of the DVD... i definitely won't be complaining about that, but i was just wondering if that was normal?