*irony on*

So basically I'm just a bad person, and you won't provide a credible piece of evidence... no posts quoted by members, no mean emails, no pictures of virgin sacrifices..

Yet, despite the lack of actual complaints to my abilities or commitment to this site, I'm deemed not suitable.. by... Trickster, and only Trickster.. yes that's right.. nobody else has said anythng at all, and everything he has to say is that an apparently large number of people are to scared of a scruffy geek to stand up to their opinion.

Regardless of this, we had an regular stamped on the channel today, thanks to... me... Yes, I'm a bad person.. infact I'm such a bad person that people seek out the channel because of my presence.. Wow.. I'm such a horrible person that I'm surprised that I'm not imprisoned. Society as we know it might crumble if I'm allow to wander the streets.

Now this is certainly not the kind of person we would want in charge.. no... such a person should be attacked.

*irony off*

So this is an open call, if you have a problem with me, feel free to take a potshot.. yes a real cheap one.. I'll even turn me back so you won't see my scary face.. I wanna know what makes me such a bad person, aside the fact that I don't share everyone opinion... what's the worst that could happen?

Help me become a better man, because obviously something is horribly wrong, when a long time member like me is so hated.

*the only thing I can think of that I'm not exactly proud of is my handling of Derek the uber troll, I admit I went overboard after several pm's and trying to help him for days.. man I even did his math homework and he was still mad at me.. just goes to show everyone has their limit - and he basicaly had everyone begging for a lobotomy, so not really valid - in fact I can't think of a member here who's caused a bigger stir without inputting anything to the community - never the less not my finest hour, but I plead temporary insanity on that one*