Please forgive me if this is a commonly asked question; I didn't have any luck searching or browsing the forum.

I will soon be moving to the Boston area, and dropping my current (local) ISP. I am running a Win95 (!) computer dual booting with Mandrake 7 Linux, and my local ISP is easy to use with Linux.

I am contemplating going with a 'major brand' ISP (for dialup service) after moving, e.g. MSN or Are these services compatible with dialup from Linux? Neither seems to support Linux with software, but that's okay -- as long as I can set ppp settings and connect, I'm happy. Is it easy, difficult, or impossible to connect a Linux machine to these big name services? Or do I need to use a local ISP company?

If it helps, I'll be living in Beverly. Thanks very much for any advice, and for your patience if this is an unusually dumb question.