I'm looking for new case suggestions, but this seems a good category (I will purchase a used case if someone has a good appropriate case for the job.)

Okay, so I'm planning to put togethor a raid5 array, either 5 or 6 channel of sata drives. The machine will serve one purpose: large file server. I see no reason to use a large case, I would in fact prefer a rather small one. I was looking at micro ATX motherboards and cases, but nothing really looks appropriate.

I want a case that
  • is small
  • has at least 3 5.25" exposed bays (so I could plug something like this into it)
  • Takes normal power supplies.
  • Looks fucking kickass
  • Has good cooling.

I've been looking, however it seems most micro-atx cases are targetted towards cheapass bare bones computer setups. They use the half size power supply (I doubt that's adequate for my needs), have maybe 2 exposed 5.25" bays, have hardly any holes in the case for ventilation, and are made of flimsy materials.

So, my question is, does anyone know where I could find a decent small case for this?