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Thread: I declare eating and sleeping for losers

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    Re:I declare eating and sleeping for losers

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=17;threadid=9400;start=0#msg85273 date=1088282608]
    Yeah but enough sleep leads to missed deadlines!
    [/quote]hehehe, true.

    I've missed enough meetings just because I over slept. ;D
    Then I'd summit my report to the boss hours later claiming that I was working on it the whole night and just fell asleep a few hours before I was to attend the meeting. :P

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    Re:I declare eating and sleeping for losers

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=17;threadid=9400;start=0#msg85275 date=1088283986]
    in fact, it's less hard than those tough stretches in college.

    Oh absolutely! I do 4 months of school alternating with 4 months of work, and I gotta say work is practically a vacation. Your time is usually your own as of 6:00 pm or so, which is unheard of under school circumstances.

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