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Thread: question about pine config

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    question about pine config

    hey there,

    if i use kmail to send a test mail to say my yahoo account, its shows its coming from my proper email address which say is from yahoo mail)

    but if i use pine to send an email to my yahoo account, i log into yahoo and the email says it comes from

    br is my user name in linux, the one im currently using but thats not the proper address. here is my pine config, well at least the only important part:

    # Over-rides your full name from Unix password file. Required for PC-Pine.

    # Sets domain part of From: and local addresses in outgoing mail.

    # List of SMTP servers for sending mail. If blank: Unix Pine uses sendmail.

    anyone have an idea what needs to be changed? tia

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    Re:question about pine config

    SD! How have ya been ? very good I hope

    i would suspect the smtp setting myself...

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    Re:question about pine config

    IIRC, pine (et all really) have a conf setting that states the reply email and such. Check there and see.

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    Re:question about pine config

    hey pb whats new? if you mean the .pinerc thats part of what i posted. i have the mail server right because i dont think id be able to write mail and have it sent properly w/out. a lame way i remedied this was to use my other user name, kdeusr. works fine that way, thanks guys.

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