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Thread: And So It Begins

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    Re:And So It Begins

    imagine taking the plane down to the local pub...

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    Re:And So It Begins

    i can imagine taking this to the local pub..

    someone flies that for a living everyday, how neat is that? ;D

    one day.... one day

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    Re:And So It Begins

    I wonder how much that paint job cost nice plane tho ;D

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    Re:And So It Begins

    You know the really great thing about being an international air pilot? You only work about 3 days a week. They restrict the number of hours you can fly per year, I think its a few thousand or something, because of safety. Due to this fact, you end up spending a lot of time in other countries, and you get paid shitloads to do so. Although if you want a family that isn't really a bonus, but if not interested in a family its a great way to see the world while only working a few days a week.

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    Re:And So It Begins

    Plus those pilots got to stay at lounches for free.

    But one guy I know HATE it. He never gets to stay at home for long. I guess the same thing with truck drivers. You are always on the road and in the bed but not just in YOUR bed. Then, your wife get another guy and stuff. Too complicated.

    I used to LOVE to travel wherever my company sent me. But now, I don't like that anymore. It's fun at first but get tired pretty soon.

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    Re:And So It Begins

    nothin better than working a few days a week and gettin paid shitloads I dunno if I would want to do international flights, those are pretty long, if i want to visit them i could fly to them for free probably with my future wife anyway.

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    Re:And So It Begins

    i almost didnt cause it rained for like 5 hours straight, but i did it today and it was amazing! it was better than i even thought and worth every penny. we had 737s landing like 15 feet away from us and i pretty much flew the plane every minute except for the landing. w00t w00t!!#!@$# ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    [me=burntash]emptys his bank account for more flight time[/me]

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    Re:And So It Begins

    well here are the photos

    they turned out pretty shitty, we had a disposable camera, my friend cant photograph for shit, and these are low scanned quality. but anyway, check em out

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