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Thread: smb.conf example

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    smb.conf example

    Hi Guys,

    I set up my server on SuSE 9.1. I've had some problems (mainly with Yast not working correctly) and was about to load the server back to Slack. However, I decided to give it another chance, on account of how easy is to install packages on it.
    Anyway, I digress. I am setting up samba on this server. I have the directories shared, and I can see them on my windows box, by browsing the network. However, I am unable to access the shares, even after putting in the correct username and password when prompted. I think I may have something wrong on my smb.conf.

    Can anyone post an smb.conf file that is currently working? (Preferably with 2+ users accessing a share with different accounts.)


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    Re:smb.conf example

    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    netbios name = TWILIGHT
    security = SHARE
    comment = Data
    path = /foo/share/
    force user = foo
    force group = users
    read only = No
    guest ok = Yes
    comment = HLDS
    path = /foo/hlds/
    force user = foo
    force group = users
    read only = No
    guest ok = Yes
    And yes, you all can shoot me for having the most insecure smb.conf possible.

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