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    LinkSys Router

    Does anyone own a linksys 4-port dsl/cable router that can help me allow applications in to my network? The most common apps that I use that other people connect to me are Netmeeting, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, and Age of Mythology. The only problem is that no one can connect to me through my router cause of its firewall. I have tried to turn on DMZ for my network ip and netmeeting connects thru, but Age of Mythology doesnt. i also tried upnp fowarding or whatnot but no go. anyone help me out with this linksys router?

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    Re:LinkSys Router

    I don't have one of those beasts, but I think you need to find what ports those apps use, then do port forwarding for them.

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    Re:LinkSys Router

    thats what i did, though i must have done it wrong if it isnt workin.

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    Re:LinkSys Router

    Sorry for my late reply but I just thought of this. I have a Netgear so I may be WAY off here but... I know that my router does not play well with certain games and they actually published a list of the games it does or doesn't (not sure which) work with. Your router just may not be able to play nice with those games :-\

    Also if you could post the Model name and/or number I'll look through the manual to see if I can find anything that looks useful.

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    Re:LinkSys Router

    Have you tried using a static IP, and using port forwarding?

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