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Thread: my project is back alive!

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    my project is back alive!

    i revived IrcLeech... from now on it's no longer a cross-platform .NET application, it is a Linux-only Mono application. Allthough the core library is still cross-platform and open source so if people want the windows version (most likely since the majority of my users are windows users) they'll just have to find someone who wants to code and maintain it. i will just be working on the core library, and the linux front end.

    for those who are interested: check it out at (if you try it, don't let the horrible interface scare you... the interface will be redesigned soon)

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    I take it you will port the UI to QT# or the similar KDE bindings set for C# which I can't recall the name of.

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    nah i'm gonna stick with GTK# even though it sucks... i think it has a better future than QT#

    edit: but there will be a new gtk# gui though...

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=9;threadid=9370;start=0#msg84977 date=1087918130]
    GTK# [...]sucks

    Might I ask why?

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=9;threadid=9370;start=0#msg84979 date=1087919535]
    Might I ask why?

    short answer: it inherits from GTK+ and thus sucks only slightly less than GTK+

    long answer:

    - the API is supposed to be pretty OO because of it being an OO library (gtk# that is... not gtk+) allthough there are still many horrible functions and methods simply because they have to deal with the GTK+ uglyness and they just can't hide all that horror under a clean API. The API is just not intuitive to use unlike for instance QT or even System.Windows.Forms (SWF). SWF has a crappy implementation but it's API is pretty straightforward. Any API should be pretty straightforward.

    - there is NO decent listview/treeview in GTK#. Sorry, make that GTK+ AND GTK#. The Gtk.Treeview is by far the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen. For one thing it's slow as fuck. Once you put a large amount of rows (say... more than 8000 or so) into the threeview (acting like a listview... that says enough right there), and you have sorting enabled, it becomes a cpu hog. If your application adds a couple of rows every second to that list, it will require way too much CPU. The Listview in SWF on the other hand is extremely fast. Also, the way you deal with retrieving values from a row in the treeview, or worse, updating the values is just way too much work than it should be. If you really want, i can post some code examples to illustrate just how much it sucks and how easy the SWF listview is

    - because of it's horrible API, you often spend way too much time trying to figure out how to use a certain widget or how to make it behave exactly like you want it to behave. Similar actions are so intuitive in SWF that you don't even have to figure anything out. You just look at the API and you find what you need just like that. With GTK#, it's not that easy... you often think "hmm, should i do it this way, or do i have to do it that way?" and then it can even turn out to be a completely different way of doing it. You just waste too much time _because_ of GTK#

    now, GTK# and GTK+ does have some strenghts (easy I18N, automatic resizing of controls) and in those regards it is vastly superiour to SWF. But QT also has those strengths, and none of the drawbacks of GTK+. But QT#... it's just a C# binding to still do everything in the QT way. Instead of doing it in the .NET way, at least GTK# attempts to do this. QT is by far the best GUI toolkit available (never mind your personal preference, when it comes to the technical aspects, NOTHING beats QT) but it's best used in C++. QT bindings just don't feel right. In C++ however, QT feels very right IMHO, even though it's not even standard C++.

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    Oh, I'll stop my own redesign then, I was mocking about with Glade# to see if I couldn't get a more sensible layout..

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    Re:my project is back alive!

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=9;threadid=9370;start=0#msg84988 date=1087936945]
    Oh, I'll stop my own redesign then, I was mocking about with Glade# to see if I couldn't get a more sensible layout..

    by all means, continue with it

    i have more stuff on my TODO list which is more important right now than the redesign of the GUI so if you can make a nice GUI, i'll definitely be willing to use it. that is if i like of course, but then again, it can't be worse than the current one

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