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Visual etc. ....
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Thread: Visual etc. ....

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    Visual etc. ....

    Where do you all get your wallpapers and other visual goodies, as seen in the screenshots section.

    Specifically, Mcangeli the stuff you used here ...


    Very slick ...

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    Indiana?... We named the dog Indiana!

    I know it's not Linux, but they have an extensive library of stuff there. Really beautiful stuff in various catagories.

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    I recommend going to www.digitalblasphemy.com It has some really nice wallpapers, and they are all 3d rendered!
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    Where else do you people go??

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    Re: Visual etc. ....

    i look on deviant art, and also use image.google.com if you spend time looking you can find some great stuff

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    I would definately go to www.tuxart.org *cough cough*

    Atleast when it's finished.

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