well i finally went back to good old KDE. After having used Gnome since 2.2 i got tired of it being slow as fuck and it not really giving me any really good new features between 2.2 and 2.6. So now i installed KDE 3.2.2 from kde-redhat.sourceforge.net and man... i am back home

KDE is just so much more advanced than Gnome... MUCH faster and MUCH more responsive, better looking, and it has a shitload of functionality and options. It's nice to being in control again instead of just accepting what the gnome developers want you to use/do.

Yea the interfaces are cluttered with lots of options and stuff most people will never use... so that will take some getting used to again, but now that i'm back in KDE i feel like a fool for having used gnome for so long

the speed difference is just amazing really... i have a PIV 2.6Ghz and just switching from Gnome to KDE makes it feel like i've got a whole new system here.